Sunday, 8 February 2009

On the war path!

Dear Michael,
I have been a resident of Swindon for over 4 years now and this is the first time I have ever written to an MP. In fact I’ve been one of the silent majority, which as long as there is bread on the table and order on the streets then I’m fairly happy to continue with the status quo. This should give you some idea of the strength of feeling that I and many have others have over this issue.

I will make it abundantly clear to you, unless you stop the bonus culture of the UK banking system NOW you will no longer receive my vote. The bankers of the city of London have brought this country to its knees and it cannot and must not continue any longer. The short term risk horizon that the traders of the city employed is a direct result of the bonus culture that has been tolerated by the Tripartite authorities for too long. It is simply intolerable for the newly unemployed and victims of the banking credit crunch to accept that bonuses will be continued to be paid to those people working in the banks that have brought about their own demise. The argument that not all the employees of the banks contributed to the losses is without merit. They are lucky to still have a job that should be their ¨bonus¨!

I will be even more specific, the review on bonus remuneration that was initiated by Alistair Darling this weekend is a political device, a means of placating the masses by spin doctoring. The attitude is one of ¨let’s kick it into the long grass for 6 months¨ and take the heat out of the issue is NOT acceptable. This type of governance has worked for Labour in the past but no longer. Yes, a thorough review of the remuneration of bankers is required but this can be part of a wider ranging review of the financial regulation that the UK now requires.

The UK is facing a national economic emergency the likes of which it has not seen since World War 2, it expects and requires leadership now. You are the government and have the power to make a decision to now, use it! Right now, the masses are demanding that in a figurative sense, heads should roll. It’s your choice, sort out the bonus culture in the City or line up at the guillotine come the next election. This should be an easy choice for you and your government, it’s a populist choice and it’s the right choice.

Yours sincerely,

Simon Demler
Resident of North Swindon electorate

Friday, 21 December 2007

Favourite versions of O Holy Night

Well it is that time of the year again and to really get into the xmas spirit I need to listen to a few xmas carols...

My favourite carol has to be "Oh Holy Night", which was written by a Frenchman, Placcide Capeau in 1847.

My favourite versions being Swedish opera singer, Jussi Bjorling. Jussi, sadly now dead is simply amazing, managing to attack the high notes without the slightest hint of a struggle. It is a pity that his talent is not more widely recognised !

Admittedly Celine Dion can put on the airs and graces a bit but the ceremony and production values in this interpretation really add to the occasion.

and for a slightly different version Mariah Carey doing it gospel style and seeming to be really enjoying herself.

Tuesday, 11 September 2007

Top 10 PC Games

I've read plenty of game magazine articles about what makes up their top 10 games and it got me thinking about what would mine be if I ever had the chance to write the same article...

1) Star Control 2 (why oh why has no one produced a sequel yet...)

2) Civilisation (the first one...just one more turn)

3) Doom 2 (first game I played till day break the next morning...)

4) Medal of Honour (my first world war 2 shoot em up... ping... their goes another nazi helmet...)

5) North Atlantic 86 (time to reclaim Iceland....)

6) XCom

7) Ultima 6 ( loved it when I was first able to buy a boat...)

8) Command and Conquer (okay I admit Conrad - I did pull the modem cable when you finally beat me in our 100th or so networked game...sneaky bloody commando)

9) Half Life 2 (great story... great graphics)

10) Starcraft (superbly well balanced multiplayer game)

Monday, 18 June 2007

Paul Potts and a 100 years of the best tenors

I spent Saturday evening watching a new talent show with Rachel and was taken by surprise when I saw a cell phone salesman in Wales stride sheepishly to the microphone and belted out a version of Nessun Dorma…

Not bad eh ? Now this guy was incredibly good for an amateur but I wondered how his version compared with the great tenors from the last 100 years and so my search began….

So with my knowledge of Opera being pretty limited (currently 1-1 in the falling asleep stakes ! ) I started with someone I knew…Pavarotti…..everyone raves about him but as I was soon to find out he comes way down the list when it comes to who is the best….he does bring a wonderful musicality to his interpretation and probably after listening to all these people on this list, his last note was probably the best.

I then found out a bit more about Turandot and I think that nicola martinucci playing Calaf suited the part best on stage, ND was delivered with precision …..

Things got even better when I discovered this guy Mario Del Monaco, his voice was amazing someone buried a trumpet in his lungs as the power he was able to deliver was simply out of this world, the only flaw was perhaps the last note when he wasn’t able to quite hold the high note….

Not as powerful but with a bit more precision, came Franco Corelli…..

Someone I’ve never heard of before but I think I’ve saved the best till last, a tenor who drank himself to oblivion, Jussi Bjorling had it all….

Not Nessun Dorma but sounded incredible when Jussi Bjorling sang it ….

It was close thing really for sheer power Mario is the man but really for musicality, control I think the best has got to be Jussi Bjorling.

Interested to know what your opinion is ?

Tuesday, 5 December 2006

Hey - My first blog !

Well - it is 2:20am in the morning and I've just read my better half's blog for the first time and I thought I would join the fun.

I'm sure that I have something worth saying about world and issues that concern me that others may want to read.

Stay tuned....